The Widows' Adventures (Feature - co-producing with Sidney Sherman) - This is a screenplay adaptation of the novel by Charles Dickinson, which has been a passion project of mine. It's the story of widowed sisters, Ina and Helene, who set out on an unlikely road trip, from Chicago to Los Angeles, unlikely because Helene, who does the driving, is blind. It's about how two sisters come to terms after years of discord, while it also deals with how they repair fractured relationships with their daughters. Think "Flirting With Disaster" meets "Thelma and Louise". Diane Keaton has also been involved for a long time, with an eye on the role of Helene. Numerous directors have been on board, as have several production entities. In some ways it feels like it's become my mission to get this movie made so stay tuned!

Run With The Dogs (Feature) - Cherry Van Dam and her brother Clifford, suburban motherless teenagers left to their own devices while their businessman Dad travels the globe, find themselves coming under the influence of two competing forces, one good, one evil. Which way will they turn? 

Christy Daniels  (TV Pilot - 1 hour)  - This one hour pilot was developed with Fremantle Media. Christy Daniels, 20's, is at a crossroads in her life when she stumbles into a job as a deputy in the LA County Department of Public Administration. These are the people who step in and take care of things when a person dies alone in Los Angeles. Think "Six Feet Under" meets "Cold Case" and you'll get the idea.

Game Show (TV Pilot - 1 hour) - Bob Norman always wanted to be an actor. Somehow he wound up as the weatherman on a local TV news channel in the Los Angeles of 1974. The 70's were a heyday of Game Shows, and when the host of one of the most popular ones drops dead, Bob is tapped to take his place. But Bob isn't sure if this is where he wants to be. Along with his wife, Natalie and their children, Bob Norman navigates his way through tumultuous times while trying to figure out what he wants from his life.

Celia At 39 (novel-in-progress) - Celia Bernhart thought she had her life all figured out. She should, right, because she's turning 39 in a week. She's a success in her career, and she's about to marry her longtime boyfriend Barry. But then a package gets mis-delivered to the house she and Barry share -- oh, it's the right address, but it's nearly forty years late! Celia becomes determined to deliver the package to its rightful owner, but when she does it turns her very well-ordered life completely upside down.