About Women Like Us:

“If you have parents, if you have kids, if you have a heart, Jason Pomerance’s Women Like Us is the book for you. It's like a great recipe for life: Combine friends, family, and flaws. Add a dash of sibling revelry, a little hate, a lot of love, and food―all kinds of food. Cook it all over the heat from the kitchen, the bedroom, and the face-to-face fights. This book has it all: Heartbreak, second chances, and redemption. And you'll get hungry reading it!" ―Charles Dickinson, author of The Widows' Adventures and the time-travel saga, A Shortcut in Time and A Family in Time

"Women Like Us is a wonderful and true examination of deep, real human emotion." ―Joseph Asphahani, author of The Animal in Man

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book!! Characters descriptions were awesome and I can clearly picture Edie in my head! If follows the story of a dysfunctional family in California. Characters are so likable that you feel they've really become a part of you, or you of them! A wonderful read about human nature, emotions and family connections. You will not be disappointed!!” - Amazon Customer

“Although it is set in contemporary Pasadena and Boston, Jason Pomerance's novel reminds me of the classic mid-century films of Joseph and Herman Mankiewicz. It's totally engaging, funny and warm-hearted. Pomerance is a natural storyteller with a sociologist's attention to mores and manners. It's a great book to curl up with on a rainy weekend or under a beach umbrella.” - Amazon Customer

About Escape! Anthology:

“There is something for everyone in this collection: scifi, fantasy, dystopian, western, and more. Favorite stories included Mrs. Ravenstein by Jason Pomerance, Cedric by Michael Haase, and The Marking by Grace Marshall.” - Amazon Customer